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Hi I would like to ask about natural monument tree which is a concept of protecting valuable/old/or trees with historical story. There is an official list of them and they have a law stating what trees exactly can be nominated and aprooved. They usually usted to have a plaque (at least in the past(legaly they are still obligated to have it but signs get usually stolen/destroyed)-nowdays they mostly just have a page dedicated to them on a city webpage with a picture of the tree, its history and a map showing its location like for example this- So I would liek to ask-is it possible to nominate such a tree (that is legally wieved as protected historical object) even if it does not have a sign anymore (as everything is going digital) BUT it has several half meters metal collums around it that protect it so it shows that it is something protected by municipality (somehow the chain conecting them got stolen-and I suspect that happen to the sign too but it has not been there for almost 2 decades so I can´t tell what exactly happaned).

So can these trees be nominated withaut the sign (but with man made protective bariers still around them)?


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    i may be wrong as I'm not familiar with such trees but it sounds like it would be rejected without a sign almost always as trees, without a sign come under the natural features rejection criteria and its fairly unlikely that someone would explore to see an old tree

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    I would certainly approve if the tree is a protected natural monument, with or without a sign. Those are great to explore, at least if you put a little bit of effort into description and call it something else than "protected tree". But virtually impossible to get through because many reviewers won't even bother scrolling past the first image and will reject outright without even reading the title or support statement. Any chance you could make them put up the sign (if they are still obligated to have it)?

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    They are almost always part of a turistic path (but these have only online maps) because these trees have rich history (for example we have a taxus tree that was hidden during the middle ages (the tree is over 600 years old) because during that time its wood was used for longbows-this lead to functionall extinction of these trees in whole central europe and there is a story how all villadge was hiding and keeping watch of this tree or there is a tree in front of the chateau from 1882 that is one of the last remanents of the original trees from the design of the park by  Maxmilián Errase for count Jana Karla Stomm-this oen even has a sigh! but it is almost 20 kilometers from the closest settlement deep in the woods so not sure if that is the best place for a pokestop-on the other hand it could help people find it?) and every single tree has a story behind it (if there is not some historical significance the mere fact "it is an old tree" is not enough).

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    I mean I could try to ask the mayor (I live in a little village with 1500 people in it) but even if he agrees I suspect it will be stolen in a matter of days (for some reason these "nationalistic" symbols are stolen often) but I will try and we will see (it is sad that people just refuse something without looking in to the details-I mean I always spend quite a while making sure that if I´m about to deny something than I have proof)

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    Well be ready to get the photos taken as soon as the sign is up😎

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    @Wensdyyy-PGO If you have proof of the nomination. With or without a plaque or sign it may well get accepted. It is all about proof. There is a tree in a local park, to me, that is a POI. No plaque. However the POI has all the back up information as well. The LGA historical listing (Local Government Authority) and Park website information

    So. No proof. no dice.

    I like them. In some cases these trees will outlive many of the paintings, sculptures, trail markers, little free libraries etc etc by many many years. So I think provided the evidence is there. They should be accepted.

    Good luck

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    "but it is almost 20 kilometers from the closest settlement deep in the woods so not sure if that is the best place for a pokestop"

    The wayspots are also used in other existing and future Niantic games. Such a remote wayspot would be highly valued as a strategic Portal in Ingress.

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