PRP clarification wanted

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Title of the Wayspot:

Kunst in de straat

For all the details and pictures see

Kunst in de straat — Wayfarer (

and specific this picture

answer of niantic is re-inistate the portal so cleary not PRP according to Niantic

Minibieb zandbree is another one

clearly at the top left there is the street name sign

see scanner that it's attached to the fence and prp

SIDENOTE. i know the fence colours are different but portal is existing and google maps is just out of date.

SO it is not an portal does not exist report.

So please clarify to me what is PRP and what is not.

Both single family residences

I know the mails that nia rejected the reports are missing and i did that on purpose. THis is to gain clarification. not to get the portal removed since i like the work put in to it for kunst in de straat :-)

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