Niantic Wayfarer community are mean

Today I had 3 pokestop nominations get rejected why are they doing this I need pokestops


  • 29andCounting-PGO29andCounting-PGO Posts: 2,284 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well, it’s hard to say they’re being mean. They may be overly critical. Or they may have rightly rejected your nominations. Perhaps if we saw the whole nomination we corns give some feedback ( if it’s wanted).

  • SnowydayUK-PGOSnowydayUK-PGO Posts: 7 ✭✭

    The second one is a Restaurant

  • Blania6967-PGOBlania6967-PGO Posts: 145 ✭✭✭

    I have never seen such a big amount of coal than since the beginning of the challenge. Even Indonesian propositions were better

  • Robert4444-INGRobert4444-ING Posts: 829 ✭✭✭✭

    liquors, door and people on photos? I'm not at all surprised by the rejections. Work on the quality of Wayspots rather than reporting everything you see.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,271 Ambassador

    Hello and Welcome @SnowydayUK-PGO

    its understandable that you feel frustrated when from your perspective you suddenly get a sequence of quick rejections.

    I do think that @Glawhantojar-PGO suggestion to have a conversation in the nomination improvement section would be best.

    If you are happy to take on board feedback, then fellow wayfinders in that area will make helpful suggestions on what you can do to make a nomination that is likely to succeed and if there are not many wayspots where you are we can make suggestions about what might be stronger nominations.

    A useful starting point is to read this post by Glawhantojar

    Let the initial annoyance over getting a quick succession of rejects subdue, and then start to think critically about what you have submitted. All of us will have had rejections at some point. Don’t let it put you off use the improvement section to learn from it and you will get success.

  • charlahinkle-PGOcharlahinkle-PGO Posts: 86 ✭✭✭

    There is nothing I can think of that makes the bar acceptable.

    If the restaurant is truely amazing, look for review sites, trip advisor review links help to show others think it is really a neat spot. Pictures of the door don't even make me want to eat there, much less socialize or explore.

    Your chill out area has identifiable people in it. It needs a much better name to even get sold as an urban park. If it is not a named area, or there isn't an obvious game area (ball court of some sort) you are never going to get it approved either.

    And I really hope you aren't asking for pokestops. Niantic has multiple games. All nominations do not go in all games. They are points of interest. We are advised to reject any nomination with a game name in the title or description.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,271 Ambassador

    The poster has moved over to the nomination improvement area where we can help, and that has started.

    @charlahinkle-PGO acceptability of bars varies. In the U.K. it is rare for a bar or pub ( no real difference between the usage of the words) to be anything other than a straight accept. They are viewed as great places to socialise, and families use them. I haven’t been to this place in Spain, which is very popular with those from the U.K. but would expect a similar attitude. So it needs better presentation yes, but a bar is not something I would consider an auto reject.

  • CopperChick-PGOCopperChick-PGO Posts: 257 ✭✭✭

    I went through over 15 Spain nominations before I approved one, and went through about 20 before I gave a 5* rating to one. The nominations really are bad, likely centered around the fact that illegal graffiti in Spain is now accepted and cities do nothing about it. I would have denied all the ones you posted above too, although I didn't get them. For businesses you need to sell them and tell reviewers in the supporting information why they are great places to gather and socialize, or why they are exceptional businesses. When I review businesses I look at online reviews, what the nominator says in the description and supporting information, and whether I think it would be a good place to host events. If the nominator takes the time to convince me I am more willing to approve the business. If the nominator is lazy and gives me no details on the submission then I won't likely approve it.

  • TheFarix-PGOTheFarix-PGO Posts: 5,063 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Honestly, I'm approving about half of the Spanish nominations that I review, which is a better rate than when I review nominations in the US, especially those coming out of Florida. However, I have also seen a lot more instances of fakes out of the nominations I do reject. It's as if the nominations go from one extreme to another.

  • smantz0rZ-PGOsmantz0rZ-PGO Posts: 334 ✭✭✭✭

    Generally speaking, if you come with the mindset that you "need" Pokestops (and not WaySpots) you're going to set yourself up for failure. In your desperation you've focused on submitting for Wayspots rather than submitting for quality.

    The examples you've shared aren't good. I'd have rejected 2/3rds. The Mama Mia bar has a poor photo: If you're submitting for a restaurant or business you should include a picture of the place, rather than some generic image of a table. A bar is also not really quality material for a Wayspot, since it's exclusive to adults in most areas.

    Your "Chill Out Area" is a pile of dirt. That's not visually unique or culturally significant.

    The Golden City nomination seems like a good nomination. It definitely exists, and via Streetview it has a very unique and aesthetic storefront.

  • CopperChick-PGOCopperChick-PGO Posts: 257 ✭✭✭

    Some of it definitely looks legit, but I have seen so much that just looks like graffiti we see in the United States and found a story that graffiti in Spain is everywhere and that little is done about it. If the graffiti looks artistic, instead of just words or pictures that look like a 3rd grader painted them then I am approving them. I have seen several nominations that are just words, and one that showed a Pikachu as the nomination but the overview shot showed other graffiti and the Pikachu was nowhere to be seen. And the graffiti in the overview shot was already in the database.

  • MrHeineken88v2-PGOMrHeineken88v2-PGO Posts: 67 ✭✭✭

    Some big and ugly tags made it in. So ill agree with the point that it's basically illegal. But I always try to go with goes in that country, within the rules of Wayfarer of course.

    In the USA people get offended by the F word (though being knowing for using that word about twice in every sentence). In my county we wouldn't care that much.

    And so is the case with Graffiti. In my country those ugly tags will not pass inspection. But in Spain they probably accept that as a fact of life or seen as streetart.

  • CopperChick-PGOCopperChick-PGO Posts: 257 ✭✭✭

    Someone once told me graffiti should be treasured because some day it will be treasured just like native american indian ruins - hum not too sure about that idea.

  • MrHeineken88v2-PGOMrHeineken88v2-PGO Posts: 67 ✭✭✭

    Eh don't know where you got that quote from, but he probably wasn't sober while coming up with that.

  • SnowydayUK-PGOSnowydayUK-PGO Posts: 7 ✭✭

    I need Pokestops it’s to hot to walk to the pokestops and me and my mum can’t walk a long way

  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 4,612 ✭✭✭✭✭

    This is an archived thread. Try finding eligible locations in your area. You do have a decent amount of nearby stops and gyms from that screenshot though.

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