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Approved Wayspots not syncing with Pokémon GO

Dear all,

At the moment, 4 of my approved wayspots do not sync with Pokémon GO over several weeks. On the known issus section, there is a post from 2020 that should have been resolved (https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/3145/resolved-approved-wayspots-not-syncing-with-pokemon-go#latest), but obviously, this (or a similar) issue did appear again.

Following approved wayspots are affected:

  1. "Maibaum in Lützelburg" (Georgenstraße 22, 86456 Gablingen, Germany), 48.463695, 10.793659;
  2. "Kirchbrunnen" (Georgenstraße 18, 86456 Gablingen, Germany), 48.463849, 10.794466;
  3. "Gefallenendenkmal" (Georgenstraße 20, 86456 Gablingen, Germany), 48.463832, 10.794014;
  4. "Theaterheim des TSV Lützelburg mit Dorfgaststätte" (Am Sportplatz 15, 86456 Gablingen, Germany), 48.466250, 10.788207;

1 - 3 are close together, but 4 is more than 500 m away.

Any ideas whether I can resolve this issue by myself (I did already uninstall Pokémon GO and removed all data, but after re-installing, there was no change - only the original wayspots did show up)?

If not, I appreciate your support! Thank you in advance,

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