Changing Photo of Wayspot

There are 2 Wayspots with problem.

I would like to change low resolution Wayspot photos.

I understand that the Wayspot image will be the one with the most likes.

For these Wayspots, the photos are selected according to the rules in Ingress, but the images with the fewest "likes" are selected in Pokemon GO.

Title of the Wayspot: 

1) 月出自治会館

2) 天神社


1) 34.744575,135.583053

2) 34.744721,135.582843

City: Kadoma, Osaka

Country: Japan

Additional information:

1)There are 2 photos for this Wayspot.

 The photos 4 likes and 3 likes in Pokemon GO.  But the photo has selected 3 likes.

2)There are 6 photos with many likes, but the photo has selected 0 like.




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