POI Location Edit Request

Title of the Wayspot: E3-1

Location: 36.369003,127.363651

City: Daejeon

Country: Korea

Photos to support your claim:

The "E3-1" sign is located behind the "E3-2" sign in real life. Even the current Pokestop photo reflects that, but the current location does not match well.

In this photo, we can see how the E3-1 sign is actually located between the "E3-2" POI Pokestop in real life, but in PoGo it is in front of it.

This is the view from the Pokestop "Kaist E3-2 Electrical Engineering Building", located on 36.368556,127.364416, showing that the "E3-1" stop should be behind it (circled in red)

Additional information: I believe the right location for "E3-1" stop would be around the 36.368360.127.364802 spot.

Thank you!



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