MOSAÏC - NatureObscura - wrong location

Hello, I am a Pokemon GO player.

A pokéstop that I created a while back does not have the correct position, with difference of approximately 35 m (~115ft) from its true location.

Title of the pokestop : MOSAÏC - NatureObscura

Incorrect location: 50.574212, 2.981197

Real location: 50.574210, 2.981473

Reason: The Pokestop was created in a time where there were no aerial photo of the then recently created sculpture. Nowadays, the photos from Google Maps show that the PoI is further away from where it was created. In the pictures below, we can see the shape of the giant camera in the aerial view, and it match with the submitted pictures (especially the lens)

City: Houplin-Ancoisne

Country: FRANCE

Thank you for your time.



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