Why is there no option to report blatantly wrong wayspots as abuse?

After submissions started to actually get decided the local (mainly Pogo) community went into overdrive and is now frantically trying to create as many gyms (and stops) as possible nominating everything that might have a chance of being approved. The motto, at least for some, seems to be "If never hurts to try (and retry retry retry)"

Given the fact that the same group is likely active in reviewing I can now easily locate 10 recently -approved- wayspots in my area that should not have been approved by any honest reviewer.

A few of them can be reported as invalid (house number tile on a private residence, some wooden bird besides the door of a private residence, a landscaped hedge (natural feature) of a private residence). But others can't be reported as invalid (a roadblock to prevent cars entering a sidewalk, a sign warning about recently planted flowers, a basic traffic sign). They are in fact there and not on private property or one of the other limited set of categories.

I find it demotivating that I have to waste time on reviewing these type of phony submissions while also knowing that when I instantly 1* them there is still a fair chance some will be approved anyway and as a result will even hurt my review rating. My rating isn't the biggest deal but it does feel very wrong when you see these type of submissions end up as wayspots.

Keeping basic traffic signs wayspots just because they were once approved without a good appeal process is a very slippery **** because I already have people argue "if that thing is ok why not this one" and it stimulates submitting more nonsense since there is plenty of proof it actually works. And you can endlessly retry and only need to get it through once.

I understand that Niantic does not want to end up with endless disputes and reevaluations and that there is a lot of grey area where not everybody will (ever) agree on the validity of a some wayspots. I also understand the choice that things that were accepted under old rules are also not open for dispute. I even understand that Niantic bents their own rules if somebody is paying (basketball courts on school grounds). But if we are talking about abusing the reviewing system there should be a way to (easily) report such abuse and have those reports evaluated and when validated acted upon (both by removing the wayspot, but also by acting against the abusers).

There are numerous ways how this can be dealt with and how it could be controlled better. For instance I would be fine if reporting abuse can only be done in the first x months after a wayspot was added. If x% or the last x submissions are rejected reduce the number of submissions and/or place remaining submissions at the back of the queue for that user. 3 strikes out for reviewers who approve wayspots that were determined to be abuse. Prevention is better: Make sure at least 1 of the reviewers is -not- from the region and has a good review rating (is that already the case?) and make a 1* in that case weight heavily).

Pictures say more then words (all active wayspots in the nearby area. all recently added).

In case you wonder: this is not really a lighthouse. If naming it one makes it valid we have a couple of 100 more in the area that look perfectly the same.

This one could be reported as private property, but ...

For the reviewer this is what it looks like on streetview. There is just no way this is an honest reviewing mistake or judgement call and just reporting it as invalid because of "private property" does not reflect the actual issue that this was not reviewed in good faith.


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