Title abuse

Title of the Wayspot: [Ecn is onbereikbaar voor normale mensen]

Good title: Uitkijkpunt ECN

Location: [https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=52.782868,4.676302]

City: [Petten]

Country: [Netherlands]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [No mail, this is abuse of wayfarer.]

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: I want to bring this to your attention, wayfaryer has being used to give the wrong title to the wayspot. It says (Dutch): Ecn is onbereikbaar voor normale mensen. This translates into: "ECN cannot be reached for normal people". This is a strange way of renaming a portal that's accessibel for at least thos who work there. It also could say, there has to be something wrong with you to visit this place.

I want to ask you to change it back to it's correct name: Uitkijkpunt ECN



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