Bug: Why some wayfinders may not be receiving challenge rewards

I believe that I might have found a bug within the wayfarer email system that could be causing people to not receive their challenge rewards.

When I first started with wayfarer in 2019, I used an email I will call Email #1. In 2021, I switched my email to Email #2, and I noticed any nominations made when I had Email #1 would receive decision emails on Email #1.

I had not received my codes for the Spain challenge, and I decided to check Email #1. When I did so, I found that my Spain codes, as well as my missing Indonesia codes were there. In addition, I found the May abuse google form from wayfarer, as well as the June improve wayfarer form.

As an anecdote, I signed up for Pokemon go in 2016 using Email #1 on the pokemon trainer club, and a few years later switched to using Email #1 as a google login, and then eventually Email #2 as a google login.

And when I checked to make sure my email was correct, Email #2 was selected in all of my Niantic games, the wayfarer forum, as well as my Niantic account.

I believe that either Wayfarer or Niantic itself has an outdated email database, and is the reason why so many people are not receiving their rewards for the Spain challenge. I for one would like this to be investigated, or at the very least, have an ability for wayfarers to correct our emails, as I would like to keep everything to my Email #2.


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