Why the "1 pokestop per 17 cell" should change

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I have submitted a document for the purpose to create a discussion about said subject. I mostly hope someone at Niantic can read what I have had to say. However please feel free to give feedback, ideas and changes, to both the document and niantic.

The abstract is basically that the 20m rule is enough and the 1 stop per cell is not necessary to reduce clutter. Also how people are abusing the current system to bend the rules a bit to make their nomination appear ingame. Niantics goal is supposed to be to map the world right? The changes i propose in the document might make that goal more accurate and get more encouragement and engagement to nominatione new wayspots. People will nominate more things if they can actually appear in the game, which the current 1 stop per cell is actively preventing people to nominating actually good things.

-Thank you

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