Strange accepted poi in The Netherlands



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    Unfortunately, if you live in an unfavorable area, you're just unlucky. It's not about being able to play from the sofa. You have to move. If you're not willing to do that and ignore the Wayfarer guidelines just because you're too lazy, you've picked the wrong game.

    I'd rather have no wayspots or a few that fit the rules than many that don't meet the criteria. I want real sights and not some junk.

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    I'm willing to bet I walk way more than you do bud.

    My closest stop is a little under a mile away, about 1.7 km. A cluster of stops is about 4 km away which is where I play usually. Right now temperatures are reaching about 102 and the air quality is getting poor. I'm not lazy, I just value my health. There are wayspots that fit within the guidelines but get rejected for ridiculous reasons. I had one that was clearly an entrance to a public path, accessible via sidewalk get rejected because "private property/farm".

    My point is, AI is way better than people like you at objectively gauging whether a POI is worthy or not. I hate how random people(like you) are quick to keep others down. Or maybe, Niantic shouldn't leave this to the players because obviously some places have low pops. Many games rely on AI to improve their players experience. Usually when the playerbase is shrinking.

    Don't assume you know how I want to play. If anything I want these stops SO I CAN PLAY. Does that make sense to you or nah?

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    You want Niantic's automated systems to decide your wayspot proposals? The same automated systems which keep preventing valid nominations from even getting into voting? Good luck with that.

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    Staying in that same area in Uden:

    51.660487,5.617321- Colored pole - Attention traffic signs for motorists in K12 zones are all colored. There are multiple Wayspots of- them.

    51.661947,5.61613 - Kunst op muur - Art on wall (of K12 school)

    51.662882,5.615985 - mini bibliotheek - LFL in front yard

    51.668275,5.622635 - auto te gast - standard traffic signage painted on road

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    Please take this argument on another topic, you're complaining here that you want more Pokéstops, while the rest of us are reporting approved nominations that are obvious fakes or clearly not worthy.

    (In that other topic you'll create, I might tell you that a "public path" is not the same as a Trail and simple paths shouldn't be submitted.)

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    "Volle Maan Venster": 51.09340019988329, 3.760135066367599 - a window on PRP

    "Fleures du Marie": 51.096113921206445, 3.7601696084974248 - some flowers at someone's front door

    From Gent, signs indicating where water lines are running, just saw another going through reviews at the moment in the same area.

    Probably didn't catch them all, but the map is filled with them.

    • 51.07780797723671, 3.6709602305830558
    • 51.078433839853744, 3.6713097533608434
    • 51.08071227158601, 3.670224607882641
    • 51.07998139853241, 3.6699915306828323
    • 51.08172896038634, 3.668760085184284
    • 51.07969383306244, 3.6673424896393225
    • 51.07913347957402, 3.668326951020316
    • 51.083617717694025, 3.6673437852814192
    • 51.08581071332091, 3.6675053186729945
    • 51.08501398868718, 3.667022462564556
    • 51.08484747008871, 3.666936508065824
    • 51.085482476529, 3.665824753597791
    • 51.08489265584476, 3.6677031081088605
    • 51.08468671131844, 3.6675971625933257
    • 51.08209549551194, 3.6692557510206956

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    Area at Orchideestraat, Uden, Netherlands:

    They couldn't get their indoor Jesus-statue accepted (observed during review, rejected), but they kept on going with some success:

    Indoor Wayspots with close up pictures taken from books or wall paintings:

    51.661346,5.622425 - Butterfly

    51.661588,5.62237 - The maid with a can

    51.661556,5.621985 - Little child (visible in Lightship only)

    All of them right on top of their house or front yard.


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    Trash can number two!

    That's because trash can number one is online at 52.194929,4.454271 (just north of the generic bench at 52.194218,4.453958).

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    "Smoke-free zone" tiles around a hospital, passed off as "paver tile art". Two others are near at 51.529307,4.440333 and 51.528888, 4.440733 (Lightship only). The place is filled with these and are generic signage.

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    Koe in het park


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    Reporting 3 Pokéstops/wayspots that absolutely need to be removed:

    Spar Olierook.


    Super generic super market. In the description it even says: buy here your breads and energy drink cans for while playing Pokémon GO.

    Parkeergarage In de Hoven.


    It's literally a parking garage entrance. Not an interesting poi for pedestrians, no safe access and doesnt meet any of the three core pillars.

    Troelstralaan bord.


    It's literally a sign of a street name. it's name literally is "streetname sign". Of course doesn't meet any of the core pillars

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    Some more that reviewers "missed":

    51.778781,4.665397 - "Homage to Malevitch - square" - random view on residential area

    51.778422,4.673598 - "Zes keer fun" - people in background

    51.778744,4.676488 - "Plaats je fiets hier" - standard bicycle parking

    51.778734,4.678579 - "Fietsstop Grafelijkheidsweg" - barriers to prevent cars from entering

    51.776292,4.678675 - "Verboden voor honden" - dog interdiction signpole

    51.776332,4.676867 - "Drie op een rij" - traffic bollards

    51.777427,4.676334 - "Verboden te fietsen" - bike interdiction traffic sign on private building

    51.777328,4.67589 - "Voetgangerssluis Sterrenburg" - more traffic barriers

    51.774716,4.667766 - "Het groene poppetje" - Standard traffic signage near K12 zones

    51.774595,4.668204 - "Statue of budha" - Can only be on PRP, judging by the wooden floor part most likely house number 91 or 92:,4.668107,3a,54y,351.61h,82.78t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s48gXmsYMywsDx1pO4LoLLQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

    51.774507,4.6692 - "Het gesteende paard." - PRP statue in garden, most likely house number 32, judging by the similar horse statue in front yard:,4.6690807,3a,25.3y,140.01h,85.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sldsEPunnTuMf_ySe5hGGAQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

    51.773901,4.672246 - "lokale kapsalon" - barber shop and private house

    51.773713,4.678244 - "Statue of a dog" - PRP, house number 41's.,4.6783468,3a,24.1y,279.96h,80.27t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sBalxJeZPTGIk-oZVBdTlyg!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

    51.773388,4.679468 - "Scheepsketting" - On private house

    51.779379,4.670162 - "Grachtenpandjes" - On private house's fence

    51.776492,4.679674 - "Cyclehoop- Dordrecht Sterrenburg" - more traffic barriers

    51.778245,4.675595 - "Afvalbak" - A garbage bin.

    51.775544,4.675636 - "Verstuur een brief" - a mailbox

    Possible fakes (I'll check on location:)

    51.776901,4.679806 - "Flamingo Art" - Possible photo doctoring on private building

    51.777671,4.676215 - "Street art, The high hat mouse." - If this is not a fake, it's on a private house.

    51.777398,4.678457 - "Take a rest" - A standard bench.

    Some examples:

    Traffic barriers:

    Traffic bollards:

    Fake? Else, on private house anyway.

    It goes on and on...

    There are so many of them on such a small part of the map put online in such a short time I'm considering putting these in a support ticket.

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    The first and third, while unbelievably bad, won't get removed due to not meeting any removal criteria, that middle one though needs removed ASAP, it's literally a parking entrance, cars will be going in and put of there

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    @Gazzas89-PGO I do see some of the current poi being deleted who are reported here so they do seem to remove a few of the mentioned coals some are still here (as example most of the streetsigns)

    The ambassadors + @NianticTintino-ING requested to post all new coal being accepted and all the nomination @Triptando-PGO posted shouldn't be accepted in the first place.@Nianthib

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    The third one. It's literally just a street name sign. If we accept those, literally every single L17 cell will be filled with a streetsign poi. Is that what you want?

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    Also reporting these in-game apparently is no use. Since there is no right report categorization option, I put the one that is the closest. But Niantic has been rejecting my in-game reports so far. So if posting it here is no help, I don't care anymore. If you want **** poi's in your game @niantic it's your choice at this point. I'm doing my part reporting them, but if you reject my reports, I won't report anymore.

    And I'm not doing it yet, but if no action is taken soon I'm almost tempted to fill every single spot of the gameboard with streetname signs. If you're not taking action, the players will.

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    I never said it should have been accepted, I meant, it doesn't meet the removal criteria (though as has been said, it might be removed if cheating has occured)

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    The situation where a WAYSPOT that does not meet the three eligibility requirements will not be removed no matter how low quality it is because it does not meet the removal criteria will continue to contaminate all gaming fields.

    And the Wayfarer team and ambassadors should again be aware that this wayspot epidemic is spreading around the world.

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    Unless Niantic would change their policies, most of the Wayspots reported here would remain as Schrödinger Wayspots.

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    The Ambassadors have been working very hard with Wayfarer on this issue - wayspots accepted via confirmed abuse of the system - to get those that should never have been agreed removed. It wasn’t explicitly on the AMA list which is why that list is “partial “😎

    So far some of the abusively created wayspots as part of this specific issue have been removed. Accounts have also been banned.

    I agree that it is frustratingly slow and a horrible situation for those wayfinders surrounded by this but the Ambassadors (there are some from that area affected) continue as a team to press for as quick a resolution as as possible.

    To all those based in that area and reporting we understand the depth of the issue and how dispiriting it must be. Ambassadors do also raise the need to support the community which will need to be rebuilt. It’s not just about the abuse of Wayfarer but the impact it has on people.

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    and that is the stupid part of it all. Niantic thinks their Wayfarer system is flawless and never something that doesn't meet a core pillar gets through the system. That's why there's no report reason for that.

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    I think for my spirit/attitude towards Wayfarer it's already too late. This issue has been ongoing for weeks/months and still I've seen zero action taken with my own eyes. This will forever leave a scar that cannot be healed. I might be done with Wayfarer and have accepted to see the gameboard rot over the next months.

    I've spent hundreds of hours nominating high quality wayspots, reviewing to earn upgrades, improving tens of bad quality photos; all to improve the quality of the gameboard. Then seeing this being allowed without any actions taken has damaged me beyond repair. I wanna say: "Be Better, Niantic". But that's talking into open space. I know they won't. My wound can't heal, scarred forever.

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    @Triptando-PGO Thank you for taking the time to express so clearly the effect.

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    To all those based in that area and reporting we understand the depth of the issue and how dispiriting it must be.

    If that is the case, why are ALL the reports being rejected? How contradictary is that huh

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    Just to add to this, a recent example from my side.

    • I found and reported 7 (!) Wayspots which were literally Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) or similar first aid devices mounted to the side wall of a private property.
    • Initial reports via Wayfarer Support were all rejected
    • Initial reports via Ingress were all rejected
    • Initial reports via Pokemon GO (by another player) were all rejected
    • In the period that these Wayspots were in-game (approximately 4 weeks), at least 5 instances occurred where players obstructed first aid providers.
    • Finally, 3 (!) of the AEDs are removed.

    Can you (whoever is capable of doing so) please take action NOW. For bleep sake, this literally puts lives at risk.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,274 Ambassador

    @Triptando-PGO @ROCKETEK16-ING

    Have you a record the ticket numbers of those reports?

    Can you provide them please.

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    I do agree with above that niantic themself is also not really helpful with getting certain of these coals deleted. I did try to get a few duplicates or wayspots who are clearly not safe for pedestrians deleted as example a train track bridge mentioned here. The Ingress mail I received back stated that they saw nothing wrong with the train track bridge. The chat option in the wayfarer chat did delete it but it took me 2 weeks.

    I do get the frustration from the Dutch people that they see a lot of coal nominations being accepted and if they try to clean up these nominations they get a email from niantic that there is nothing wrong with the nomination.

    I discussed this issue in our local discord and someone already said why are we still able to send in nominations in the Netherlands? Because the coal nominations are still accepted every day. Best option maybe is currently lock down Dutch nominations.

    Or the 3 people who stating that they lost there account privileges are denying that they where even using currently wayfarer .

    I think it would be helpful from niantic their side to be more active with deleting the coal nominations. Or as I stated I do see certain coals being deleted but a lot of these nominations are also still up. As example almost none of the mailboxes or streetsigns are deleted. A few I posted on the first page are deleted as example test and the crocodile playset.

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    at least 5 instances occurred where players obstructed first aid providers.

    Is that for real?

    Are you telling us that there are people so stüpid that they don't care about emergencies and only look at some virtual monsters in their phones?

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