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Mostly getting to review edits. Some nominations show up again even though i have reviewed it

Ledinukas-PGOLedinukas-PGO Posts: 34 ✭✭

Is wayfarer working all good?

It seems like the majority of reviews i get to check are Edits for the existing pokestops. It is odd as i've never seen them being such a majority of reviews, as 2 weeks ago i would mostly get new pokestop nominations to review. Maybe 90 % of all things i reviewed in recent days were Edits, even today i reviewed like 200 things and almost all of them are Edits.

Also i have noticed that some things show up again and again. Some Edits or pokestop nominations which i reviewed a few days ago appear again for me to review. Have never seen that happen before.

And some of my personal nominations are in voting for longer than usual, even if they are upgraded.

Same happens on any device.

It almost feels like something has broke in wayfarer's review process

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