Valid wayspot removed constantly

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Title of the Wayspot: Frosch im Seerosenteich

Location: 53.463871,8.651087

City: Loxstedt

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: There was no rejection email, the wayspot is constantly being removed from the game

Photos to support the claim:

Additional information: The wayspot is removed constantly for a few weeks now. After a resubmission it appears again and then vanishes again after a week or so. I advise that you check the Ingress appeals that mark this wayspot as an invalid portal. Very likely you will find bulk appeals all made by Resistance agents who are trying to remove an unwanted wayspot in Enlightened territory.

Unfortunately, I can only feel pity for these childish attempts to harm other players, but if my suspicions are correct, this is a clear case of digital harassment that should have consequences for the initiators. The Wayspot has been active for years, it's on public ground, it can be reached easily, and it has been scanned regularly since the Wayspot scans were introduced, so there is no reason to suddenly remove it from the game on a regular basis. In addition, the Wayspot is also added back to Wayfarer each time it is resubmitted, which is a clear sign that it is compliant with the ToS.

Edit: The resubmission for this wayspot has already been accepted, but I still hope that you check who is responsible for the removals. I am convinced that you will find a pattern of abuse.

Thank you for your attention

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    If the Wayspot is repeatedly removed from the game by Niantic, isn't a repeated submission abuse?

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    Thanks for the appeal, @rotten meat ING. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Wayspot.

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    So it's not 100% legitimate after all. It's nice that there is now a contribution that we can refer to.

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    It's no abuse to correct a false appeal.

    It's no abuse to repeat a correction of a repeated false appeal.

    It's the old "who was first: hen or egg" Story.

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    Wieder im System.

    Zum vierten Mal in fünf Wochen... Lasst diesen POI im System bestehen, so oft kann ja keiner auf die Intel schauen...

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    I can't really see why the Wayfarer System is blocked by reviewing a portal that is clearly there, while there are portals not being reviewed that are clearly not there or there anymore. Those should be of more concern to everyone and won't result in split up communities... Thank you. Leave the portal where it is and work on other stuff...

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    As this topic still is ongoing, lets just say this. Its a good example of ppls playing unfair up to causing legally sueable issues. (ie ripping out signs and are so overfocussed blind to even document fraudulent actions with picture series in wayfarer)

    Raising obviously dumb pseudo-discussions if portals have to be artistical paintings where everyone know that most high quality information- or guiding signs are digitally printed on a carrier material nowadays is just documenting and prooving the malicious intentions behind.

    It simply is a highly annoying and unfair campaign going on which furthermore gets spread into multiple even worse false playing matters and means, stealing the time of us all. Lets name what it is, intentional bad acting and next level unfair behaviour without any consequences to fear. Which by itself raises another question, how foul can wayfarer become supporting bad actors by giving them an unlimited space to proceed or even acompanying harassement ie by translating the already suffering agents name - since when that became a general procedure btw?

    Or in a simple sentence, its just hilarious to constantly support the removal of a legit wayspot, similar like many thousand others, just to intentionally bug off legit and fair players off the game just because they changed the faction a while ago.

    Thats killing the game where fairness and truth obviously died long ago already. #Nia, you should specifically stop supporting bad actors, harassing individuals just because they changed the faction or simply just abstained from obediently limit their gameplay to what a foul party demand them to do, how to play, when to play and where to play or which ressources they are allowed to have in general.

    Dear #Niantic it is really the time for you to compensate and send an official excuse to the over and over harassed player, partly accompanied just by your ignorence and actions within your behalf in specific and general means. I assume you have not forgotten what you gave us all as rules for such kinds of situations so it as well might make sense to check which further actions you may have to consider as well...

    Ref to the actual state:

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