Will a nomination have the chance of becoming a stop after being moved to an open cell?

I had one accepted and It appears the spot is just a hair too much close to this other one, if I edit it a couple of yards to the open space would that change the potential for it to enter the game ?


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    "A couple yards to the open space" sounds like it's being moved away from the real object?

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    in this case; not necessarily. It is a dirt and gravel parking lot at a trailhead entrance. The main billboard for the river head info is a stop and in real life it is at the top of the parking lot ; now imagine as you begin the trail you are walking a spiral dirt road that leads into the open riverbottom. So the stop I had nominated and accepted but never entered the game is physically “on top” of it from a Pin or cell standpoint; but 10 yards of real life distance from each other. My plan is to leverage that and move the informatikn billboard stop by enough to get the open cell. This has no adverse affect on real life interaction whatsoever. If I was trying to move a drop that was a Mural, somewhere else across the street , I would agree with you that is not good bc that’s taking the place away from its IRL counterpart.

    but with this, the wayspot is almost arbitrary and could’ve been smack down in the middle of the parking lot game wise; bc it’s such a small area that the information billboard is not any further away or harder to reach; even if it’s marked in game as a few yards from the real life spot. If you want to see what I mean; google earth Meiners Oaks Riverbottom Riverview trailhead on rice road ; ojai ca - it’s a unique trail entrance w the spiral as I mentioned

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    oh hell ya! So move the one that’s in game and potentially my accepted but not appearing will be given life? I know it’s not a gauruntee but worth a shot

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    The wayspot should be anchored to a real life physical object, not just arbitrarily placed along a trail. If the spot you nominated is the trail head, that is the beginning of the trail, not in the parking lot or somewhere farther down the trail. Moving the wayspot should only be done to ensure it is accurately placed, otherwise it is considered abuse and you could find yourself in some trouble with Niantic. If moving the wayspot to its correct location puts it in an open cell, great for you, but only do it if the current location is truly incorrect.

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    There are 3 kinds of moves.

    1) Moving to make a location more accurate.

    Always acceptible, but if its not obvious for reviewers your talking a **** **** on whether accepted.

    2) Moving to Equally Valid location for Game Board Purposes

    For example a baseketball court. Might have a pin behind either backboard or off either midcourt line or maybe an entrance way to court meaning there are a minimum of 4 and maybe more places to pin the court.

    This is technically against the rules, but not something you'd get flagged for because there is no way of telling this was done just for game board manipulation or is a judgement call that someone thinks the pin legittally should be in one of the other locations.

    It is somewhat a waste of Wayfarer resources and has iffy success chance because both locations are valid so what are the odds reviewers picks the one you want enough to move it?

    3) Moving to a Less Valid Location for Game Board Purposes.

    Abuse per and simple, and likely not to be accepted anyway. Since reviewers will likely pick the more valid spot.

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