Fake Nominations Crashing Wayfarer Rating

I'm from Belize, our population is small and our Wayfarer population even more so. Therefore, a lot of what we get to review are nominations from nearby Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and some from South Yucatan.

I'm not exaggerating when I say 95% of their nominations are fake. There's a mural on the wall of every house apparently. So obviously I reject these fake nominations as abuse. It takes less than a minute to compare the photos to the area and notice it can't possibly exist there but I still have to wait ages to not trigger a cooldown which still happens sometimes anyway.

The issue is that these communities obviously have much larger Wayfarer groups and will easily outnumber my rejection, causing my rating to plummet because I'm "disagreeing" with everyone.

I don't want to get banned and risk not being able to nominate any more, because I'm the most active nominator in my community. I tried going through the help tab in Wayfarer but that was useless. I don't know what else to do.


  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,315 Ambassador

    If you think they are fake or on someone’s house reject.

    if you are sure they are fake then start to report as abuse.

    If you haven’t set your bonus location you could pick somewhere that you believe won’t have the fakes. The system will then give you some from that location to review - so your rating may be better.

  • WheelTrekker-INGWheelTrekker-ING Posts: 3,366 ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you don't need the upgrades and you're worried about being banned, you can stop reviewing when you find one of those nominations that you're worried about. Switch to any other task and come back 30 minutes later so that nomination has expired and you'll get a new one.

  • BlackCat117a-INGBlackCat117a-ING Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I invite you to take a look at Mérida, Yucatan, in a Google Street View. That 95% is true, there are murals everywhere, so great artists and some not so great. The murals while they are on public roads are valid. Those who are inside a home (in a garage) are not valid. People here have the habit of making murals to refer to their homes and make them unique. And you can see them from the street.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,315 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome @BlackCat117a-ING

    From your wording here I have concern that by saying the murals are on public roads that you think that makes them valid.

    If the wall that they are painted on is part of a single private residential property then they are not. This would include the wall of a house itself or the boundary wall enclosing a garden. It does not matter that they are on the street they come under the single private residential property ruling and are not eligible and can be removed.

  • BlackCat117a-INGBlackCat117a-ING Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Incredible @Elijustrying-ING . Now I get it but the street is not a private place, and many murals are masterpieces (others are not), are they really not eligible? I would really like you to check the intel to visit cities I would really like an example with the coordinates of some portal, thanks

    As I said, nothing that is inside a property is eligible, but what is outside it is considered to be from the street in Mexico. Idk other but this was insightful, thank you

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