At least one appeal and other very nearby reports

Holy Butterflies

34.144513, -90.021618


United States of America

Since I reported 2 Wayspots that are both in a different state than where I live, I wish to add LeBonhuer Boy Girl Dog Statue. Yes, I know LeBonheur is spelled incorrectly. I also reported Le Bonheur Sculpture while there.

I am a child but quite easily over the age of 18x2 years old. I see a neurologist there yearly. I have been to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for appointments and surgeries. Since outpatient parking is to the southeast of the main entrance, I learned the grounds between the outpatient parking lot and entrance well. In Pokémon GO, I held Holy Butterflies long enough to obtain another Gold PokéGym. That was several years ago.

I walked from downtown Memphis to Health Sciences Park to create a Route and then to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. I was early and cleared Machina from the 2 Portals to the south and/or east of the entrance. I searched for the actual Portals while there but could not locate Holy Butterflies or LeBonhuer Boy Girl Dog Statue. I took a photo while there of where those Wayspots appeared next to each other. Neither was next to the hospital as Ingress Intel Map might show. The second’s photo places it there along with my memory.

During my appointment, I learned that Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital received 100 million dollars (US) to expand the buildings. I saw construction before entering. Along the south of the hospital is under construction from the entrance west. That is why I reported Le Bonheur Sculpture as permanently removed. If the Wayspot remains, the Wayspot is in an area of construction. After exiting the building, a person can go west to North Dunlap Street and Washington Avenue’s intersection. I reported the second while there while doing that walk. I will add one more Wayspot. After crossing N Dunlap St at Washington Ave, I found another Wayspot named Le Bonheur Tiger at 35.1443901, -90.0331008. I know where that used to be from Pokémon GO. However, that also appeared to be removed permanently.

I ask that these 4 Wayspots be reviewed and removed from all the games if you cannot locate either. Except for being too far away to nominate, this is likely eligible if nominated closer to Adams Ave.


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