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Emails not received

Mucilaginous-PGOMucilaginous-PGO Posts: 19 ✭✭
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Hello, I have submitted a couple nominations in hopes of them being accepted in different locations. I've never received any emails of any confirmations or rejections at all. I login through Apple ID, which is linked to my hotmail email, and recently I linked a Gmail as well just to see if that changes anything, nothing is working. I don't receive anything at all. I don't want to keep re-submitting stops without knowing what was wrong the previous time... I assume this would eventually be punishable. Please assist so I can receive feedback and confirmation emails

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  • Mucilaginous-PGOMucilaginous-PGO Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Hello everyone,

    I'm still new to the forum, I'm unsure how to close a post or delete it.

    My issue is solved I believe; I've received a confirmation email for my latest submission (it has now shown up 13 hours later) and I still can't see previous submission, however I'll accept that for now as It seems like going forward it's resolved. For anyone wondering what I did.

    Solution: Unlinked and re-linked Gmail address in Pokemon GO

  • Hello @Mucilaginous-PGO, I have looked at your account and can confirm that 4 Wayspot submissions have been decided. Wayfarer notification emails would be sent to the Google/Facebook login method email address associated with your eligible Pokémon GO/Ingress accounts which was used for signing up to Wayfarer account. If you do not find the notification emails in your Wayfarer-associated email inbox, please check in other email folders like spam folders.


  • Mucilaginous-PGOMucilaginous-PGO Posts: 19 ✭✭
    edited August 29

    Hello good morning, I've allowed a few days to go by to confirm if the issue resolved itself or not. I recently linked my Gmail to my account any it seems to send notifications that submissions are received, "Thanks! Niantic Wayspot nomination received .... " etc, however I'm still unable to receive and decision emails.

    I've checked my main email address that I use for facebook sign, which is a Hotmail email address, there's nothing in my junk or main inbox. I also checked my Gmail address in regards to my most recent submission, there was a decision made I can see it on the wayfarer main website under contribution, however I did not receive an email indicating that decision to my Hotmail or Gmail meaning something is still preventing me from receiving decision emails

    Also just to clarify if this helps, when I first signed up to play Pokémon GO I used Apple ID login, which is linked to the same email as my facebook

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