Are DWP buildings banned from becoming PokeStops?

I’d hate to waste my future Upgrades towards my local DWP building if they will only keep getting rejected. The building has unique architecture and artistic features in the form of mosaic tiles along its walls. It’s pedestrian accessible and has been in the neighborhood for years.

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    Ah, my apologies. I didn't realise that. Here in the UK it's the Department for Work & Pensions, one of the major departments of our national government. If you say DWP to anyone in the UK, that's what we'll think of haha.

    The architecture of the building may be eligible, but the actual power and water department is not. So if the building is noteworthy for its architecture, submit it as a building, talk mainly about the building, and keep the references to it being used by the DWP to a minimum, so that reviewers know you're nominating the building for its architecture as opposed to the DWP itself, which doesn't really meet criteria.


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