Niantic Appeal Rejected Picnic Areas?


I recently had two submissions go through Niantic appeal/voting and get rejected. Unfortunately these rejections don’t get reasons. I was under the impression that picnic areas were eligible via the Socialization criteria? I will add both submissions below:

Im not sure what the issue for this one was. I added a little fun fact regarding accommodations in both submissions since the description felt barren. I was wondering if perhaps this made the description too lengthy? Or perhaps did the photo make the picnic area look temporary? I tried getting a shot of the blackboard to show that it was permanent.

Here is submission #2:

Again, was wondering if the extra information was too much? I tried showing in the supporting photo that there was more than one picnic table. They’re pretty evenly spaced out so it was a bit difficult. I also tried showcasing the fire pit to prove permanence in the main photo.

Other than the stated information, I’m not sure why Niantic rejected this. Was there a recent clarification that disqualified picnic areas? I’ve gotten them through appeals before and want to know what went wrong this time. Thanks in advance for any provided advice!


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