Title Appeal for Stone Pagoda

Title of the Wayspot: Stone Pagoda

Location: 43.022791,-83.696233

City: Flint

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional info:

I'm not sure why the description edit was accepted, but not the title edit. The information I used for the title and description come directly from this Facebook post in a Facebook group dedicate for memories about Flint. The clip is from a very old newspaper clipping that does not exist online. The photos here match and describe the same object in the wayspot. "Barney Fountain" is the official name for the object. The inscription on the object reads "This fountain erected 1900, "Well driven 1873," and " Depth 376 feet." This matches the info from the newspaper clipping, further adding proof that it is in fact the same object. The photo of the fountain in the newspaper clipping is different than the current photo because the fountain was moved as per the Facebook post.



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