Removal of Wayspot photo with problematic graffiti

smantz0rZ-PGOsmantz0rZ-PGO Posts: 289 ✭✭✭✭

Title of the Wayspot: JFK/U Mass Sydney St. Entrance Sign

Location: 42.320197, -71.053393

City: Boston

Country: United States of America

Additional information: A valued community member recently got a Wayspot approved on a thoroughly traveled portion of the neighborhood, and best of all it's right down the street! Unfortunately, for the past year someone has been defacing this area with neo-naz1 recruitment stickers, conspiracy stickers, bumper stickers making false claims and promoting political candidates, and propaganda attacking public officials. Some of this propaganda made its way into this Wayspot photo because there was not an appropriate way to photograph the POI otherwise.

It would be lovely if Niantic could help by removing the controversial photo and accepting some of the additional photos which have been provided which do not include the defaced property. Much obliged!


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