Need help with Wayfarer

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Unfortunately, my experience with Wayfarer has been negative.

1) My first nomination ever was reviewed in a very short period and rejected, with no reason provided (posted previously).

2) I nominated a comic book store on Jun. 18, 2022 and it was just rejected (on Sep. 4th, 2023). This time, I got a reason but both show the flaws in Wayfarer. It was rejected for mismatched location. I can understand this but there is one problem. My shadow is in the photo, on the sidewalk in front of the store window, indicating I was right in front of the store. If it was really mismatched then it was a GPS problem. When I check the map, in the submission, vs Google Maps, it looks extremely close (Am I right? See attached photo)

. It looks like the pin is on the sidewalk in front of the store. The second reason was "Not historically or culturally significant". How does this get through the system when comic book stores are listed as an acceptable waypoint?

This shows a flaw in the system for showing the wrong rejection criteria or that reviewers don't know what they're doing or maybe the eligibility requirements that are posted are not correct?

So, I come to you for help. I want to help make the "game board" better for players and I would like your help to do it. Can you first let me know if this is an acceptable waypoint (let me know if you need any additional info...main photo and supporting photo are also attached...are they good enough?). If so, can you help me get it through. I hope it will be learning experience to help with successful contributions in the future.



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