Photo Removal Request

Title of the Wayspot: Mystical City Mural

Location: (Roughly) 43.803195, -79.18976

The “Mystical City Mural” wayspot only appears in PokémonGO. It does not appear on the Ingress Intel map because of spacing rules, so the coordinates I’ve given are for the “Face Each Other” wayspot which is located across the road from it. I don’t know how to get more accurate coordinates than that.

City: Toronto

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: n/a

Photos to support your claim:

There are currently 8 photos for the wayspot but only one of them actually shows the correct mural.

The photo on the bottom right was the initial submission photo.

You can see the mural in some of the other photos, however it’s in the background of the pictures, on the opposite side of the street.

Additional information:



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