Is a boat thats been parked on land in the same location for years & turned into a sailing school OK

I have submitted this

now multiple times. It is getting incredibly annoying, because TO MY KNOWLEDGE, this should be eligible. It is in a parking lot. It is open to the public as a pass through road. It is used as a non-primary school for, you guess it, sailing classes.

The last time I submitted this -- and if this forum tells me it should go through, I will submit it again with similar wording -- as the supplemental text: Learning center for the public to begin their sailing journey. Boat is parked in the lot year round and is not temporary. I cannot stress this enough, the class boat is permanently parked in the same location and has not moved for years.

So please, either ELI5 and tell me why this isn't kosher or just tell me to keep pounding away until I get reviewers who know what to accept.


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