Pedestrian Bridge denied for not being historically or culturally significant? What?

Ok, this is a strange one to me. There is a pedestrian bridge over one of the interstate highways in my city. The north entrance already has a Wayspot, so I submitted the south entrance. The bridge promotes exploration and exercise, as it's part of a walking/biking trail.

However, it was rejected for not being historically or culturally significant, which I find plain weird, as it's been standing for a few decades now. It also stands out in its design, and is painted in one of the colors of the local university. Shouldn't it qualify as a footbridge and meet criteria for exploration and exercise? It's used by so many people walking and biking on the path.

Here's the photo of the south entrance of the bridge, which received improvements last summer. It's located at R5WV+V8 Fargo, ND, USA, whereas the north entrance is at R5XV+67R Fargo, North Dakota. I made sure not to nominate the bridge itself, as the Wayspot would end up in the middle of the highway, and not be accessible by foot. Thanks!


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