Esta pokeparada esta aceptada pero no aparece en el juego por que?


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    Read that post first.

    Pokémon Go has a proximity rule that determines which wayspots can be added to the game. For more information, search Google for Pokémon Go Hub guide to S2 cells.

    Your nomination is in the same cell 17 S2 cell as the Gym "Gral. Emiliano Zapata" and, as such, is unable to be added to Pokémon Go.

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    Y como le puedo hacer para modificar entonces la ubicacion de la pokeparada para que me aparescan todas las demas que publicado y me dicen "aceptadas " para que aparescan

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    If they're already in the correct locations, then attempting to modify them is classed as abuse and may result in action being taken on your Wayfarer and/or Pokémon Go accounts.

    As the post explains, you are submitting wayspots for Niantic's database. If they're accepted, they do appear in the database. They just might not be eligible to appear in specific games due to the proximity rules that each game uses.

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    Entonces en ciertos lados porque una pokeparada esta mas cerca que otra o cerca de algunos gymnacios y si aparecen en el mapa del video juego de pokemon go?

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    Level 17 S2 cells are like invisible boxes that are all lined up in rows next to each other with their edges and corners touching. As stated before, each level 17 S2 cell can only contain one Pokéstop or Gym. That Pokéstop or Gym can be anywhere in that cell though. It doesn't have to be in the centre of the cell. It could be in the corner, or by the edge. If the cell next to it also contains a Pokéstop or Gym, and that Pokéstop or Gym is also near the corner or edge of its own cell, then the two Pokéstops/Gyms can exist literally a couple of metres or so apart, as they're still in separate cells.

    However, if you try adding another wayspot to one of those cells, even if it's in the opposite corner and thus as far away as it can be, it won't be able to show up as the cell is already occupied.

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    I have had a close look at this wayspot.

    Here is your wayspot

    You can see it’s position close to another wayspot which is a mural.

    on a map that shows the grid lines this area looks like this.

    TThis shows the S2 level 17 cells in green with the nearest wayspot the mural picked out. Yours doesn’t show as this is just the points that are in Ingress which enforces 20m between portals the grey circles. Your wayspot is in the grey circle so doesn’t show.

    However when you look at the first picture you can see that your wayspot is in the wrong place as it is not on the building. I have put a Red Cross at where I think it should go at the entrance. It may just be over the green line in a separate cell. I would suggest using the help bubble on the wayfarer webpage.

    However the bad news - the title of the wayspot suggests to me it’s a place of education. If it is for children under 18 then the wayspot should be removed as it doesn’t meet eligibility criteria.

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