Fake wayspot submission

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While reviewing some wayspots, I came across this strange mural wayspost submission.

It seemd a bit weird, especially for the orientation and the ligthing. I decided to zoom in and analyze it with more attention, and I noticed the signs of the "fade brush" of Photoshop.

To me it is 99% clear that this is a fake mural.

I don't know if it already done automatically when assigning 1 star as "Fake" submission, but if not, I would suggest to add the possibility to report the user while assigning 1 star to a fake submission; if that user receives 2 (or whatever "fair" amount) or more reports, he should be blocked from requesting more wayspots for a period of at least one month.

This would prevent fake submissions to eventually popup on Wayfarer, or even worse on Niantic games.

Thank you for your attention.

Here is the proof that the "Einstein mural" indeed exists in the same town (Cerva, Calabria), but was located at a different address:

The mural was copy-pasted into the wayspot fake-submission wall.

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