Why exactly is it not in line with criteria?

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Hey There,

I nomminated a Luxury multi-residential builidng as POI, which was built on the grounds where a very famous actor and entertainer used to live untill his **** in 2011. After his ****, their was a local Initiative to protect his house as listed building and even to name a street after this famous entertainer, but before it could be realised, a new owner quickly teared the building down. There was quite some Media coverage om this, you can read the exact Adress in the newspapers. Untill today, Fans leave candles on the doorstep of that New building complex to remember their lost Idol. I linked one of the newspaper articles in the supportive information and Named the nomination " alexander", like that actor (family name but also a surname). I found this was an interesting place to explore... I nominated it under "architecture" (very luxurious) as well as "memorial".

It went into niantic review and was rejected the next day bcause :" it was found not to be in line with criteria".

Why is that? As I do not want to make useless appeals or renominate something that has no odds of beeing a POI I would be interested on your thoughts on this? Photo, siewalk etc is all there - I have quite some experience in nominating and usually I get approved.

Thank u very much and Kind regards.

P.s. at least now I know what the trigger Word was that seems to habe caused niantic review


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