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Hello everyone,

until wery recently there was a place by the river with the campfire (on a publicly acessable footpath on publicly owned land) and few months ago it was with the help of a local tourist club upgraded to have a public grill (it is cemented to the ground and already survived one flood that floded half of hte village without any problem) and I have zero idea why it was not approved (there is a few campfires scattered trough the village but this is the only grill)

supporting info:

A BBQ place you can find on a footpath along the river (by law few meters along the river anwlvhere have to belong to thhe state and have to be publicly acessable-not just because during storms the water level is higher but also rivers slightly change their course over the years.) The grill was made and cemented to the ground (there also a few benches there and a campfire for those prefering it)

the yellow ones are land owned by the state/municipality (easily can be looked at in land registry-this is from the land registry app itself-the number of the plot is: 3929/8 and I can send screen of the details of this plot of land is you do not belive me)

The only thing that I can think of is for me to wait a couple of months and take phto with the grill cowered in snow to proove it is pernament but I cant think of anything else (and this will stay forewer denyed just as old boundary stone, old milestones, community garden bed, 18th century water mill, geodetic marker, wooden sign with the name of park and my other nominations)...


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    It seems it just says not accepted, no other reason. A small grill by itself isn’t obvious how it’s a great place to explore or to socialize. Can you get a photo of the grill and seating area that would show how it could be a great place to socialize?

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    because it is by the river there is no pernament seating -we either sit on the bend willow tree (that was bend when it was growing and now it is thick enough to have twoo/three people sitting on it) or when there is more people (people gather there mostly on friday and saturday evenings sometimes to just chat among neighbors after local pub got closed few years ago and covid forced everyone to socialize outside so people get usted to go here) we just bring our own folding chairs (or sit on the ground like we do in local parks that also do not have benches-this is a village and nobody is afraid to get dirty). It already is a meeting place (there is even article in local newspaper but it is avalible only in printed form but I could go trough them in the library and take a photo of the article). This also is on a footpath used by tourist (from the wier from 18th century to the water mill also from 18th century) so it is a logical place to stop...

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    I would avoid mentioning the floods etc in the text it makes it sound dangerous and it is irrelevant.

    The fact it is concreted into the ground makes it permanent and that all that needs to be said on that issue.

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    Can you get a photo with the willow in the background. I'd generally agree with a close up of the nomination, but the grill isn't a thing of beauty and putting in a little context may help (not too much greenery though or you'll fall foul of the AI filter).

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    Hi evertyone, so I tried to appeal but apperently a property owned by the state and this grill beeing ecxatly in the middle of it (on a turistic path) is somehow "private property"...seems to me like the employee has no idea things like land registry exists or they do not have the education to be able to use it. I really hope that in the future we could be able link land registry directly to wayfer somehow.

    until than, please has anyone any idea?

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    Your average appeals reviewer is a subcontractor from India who is rushing through reviews. They don't know anything about a land registry in Czechia, as they are also reviewing appeals from all other countries. They would have just looked at the map and determined that it's between a private house and a river, therefore very likely a part of that property. My advice: Renominate and appeal again, hopefully getting another person to review it. Make your appeals text mostly about proving why it's not on PRP, make it short and convincing. Put other stuff at the end.

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    Is the trail where this is located marked by a sign or something that clearly indicates it’s not just someone’s yard? Expecting reviewers to look at and review survey maps is a bit much.

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    I can only really suggest if you resubmit, to show clearly the BBQ by the river in either of the images - it better helps when if needing to appeal as it's very difficult to rely on survey maps as supporting imagery, as opposed to something like a geotagged image clearly showing where it is in relation to it's surroundings.

    Best of luck 🤞

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    Thank you for all your advices and I will try to nominate it again. I will add that by law there has to be several meters between any river and a private property (because river can move due to the erosion) and if a river gets too close to the property than a part of it os bought from the ovner ir htere has to be bulit a wall-tahke this just as a fun fact (and now I wonder how this is done in other countries...).

    I would really like Niantic to add a possibility to add a screen from a land registry (so there would be 2 photos and if a player wanted to they could add a screen too but they could decide to nod add it if they would not want to) to help some of these nominations (it they would not want to bother linking land registries of diffrent countries) to prove it is a pubulic property (owned by the state/municipality...)

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    and now it has been auto rejected....I´M DONE with wayfarer. Players are doing work for Niantic and only thing we get are rejections from people who are not able to distinguish private property fromn public one and do not even bother to look at the map for one secound (and as a geographer I take this personally).

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