Invalid Wayspot Removal Appeal: Barking Creek Flood barrier

Title of the Wayspot: Barking Creek Flood barrier

Location: 51.515187, 0.096531 (Link)

City: Beckton, London

Country: United Kingdom

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A - Portal has been removed

Photos to support your claim:

Confirmation the portal has been deleted -

Location the portal was before deletion, on Intel:

Confirmation portal is accessible, confirmed by multiple RES players unrelated to this restoration request full-deploying:

Additional information:

This portal has been repeatedly condemned for deletion by local RES players. They have made repeated claims that the portal is invalid, and on each time, NIA either restores the portal or confirms that it isn't eligible for deletion. Yet again, the portal has been targeted, and deleted. This is following multiple previous attempts to do so, as well as multiple spoofing episodes which then caused this portal to become CAL protected. I believe this is because the ENL have used this portal strategically, and would rather it was deleted instead of playing legitimately to capture and hold it as everyone else does.

There is evidence of this here on this forum, such as this post where NIA confirmed that the portal does not meet criteria for removal. Despite this, the portal has been retired once again (typically, directly after being visited by the same player that requested its removal previously).

As argued in the previous post, the portal is in a safe location, and is accessible to the public through guided tours (see here), as well as by boat (see here, page 14), and on foot (see here). Other local RES players have actually visited the portal themselves on foot using a different path, which they posted about publicly, here.

This confirms that the portal is very much accessible, and is no more dangerous than portals of a similar type, such as lighthouses and portals in remote regions. As such, I am requesting that NIA consider reversing the portal removal, and reinstate it.

Thanks for your time and consideration!



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