Wrong location accepted due to unstable GPS signal in the area

Hi! I would like to appeal a location for an accepted Wayspot. Due to very unstable GPS signal in the area (forest and lake area with very poor signal), the marker was very hard to place correctly when I submitted the nomination. Happy as I am the nomination was accepted, I'm a bit sad to see that the Wayspot will not be able to appear in either Ingress or Pokémon GO because the unstable GPS made the marker "jump" during the submitting process. 😥 That means that the slightly incorrect location was accepted and is now on the Niantic map, but not in any game.

I would like to request it moved to the correct location. Not only will the location then reflect the actual and correct location of the trail marker, the Wayspot will also be 'unlocked' and available in one or more games. So if you'll consider making this edit, thank you. It means a lot.

(I can't just suggest a move in-game for obvious reasons, so trying through here. 😊)

Title of the Wayspot: Stimarkør for Aarhus-Silkeborg Ruten

Location (current): 56.136703,10.073800

Suggested and correct/actual location: 56.136659,10.073876

City: Stavtrup (Aarhus)

Country: Denmark

Photos to support my claim: A bit hard to provide, BUT please see the 360 photo from the location and compare with the satellite photo. The trail marker is not that close to the parking lot, but a bit in on the trail. With this in mind, the correct location should be fairly easy to confirm.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. Again, thank you for taking a look at this. 🙏


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