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Title of the Wayspot: BisaBox

Location: 53.463833,8.651120

City: Loxstedt

Country: Germany

Original wayspot photo:

The wayspot, a painted box, was approved 3 days ago and immediately vanished 2 days later. I suspect a campaign of other 'players' who are immediately flagging wayspots in my homezone as invalid for the remainder of the last 4 months. I think Niantic should do something about this wayfarer abuse as it is nothing else than harrassment by using the wayfarer capable apps (Ingress Prime, Pokemon Go) against other players.

Photos to support my claim:

The wayspot, a control box for a wastewater pump of the local authorities stands on municipal property, there is even a resolution of the municipal management committee that allows paintings on municipal boxes.

Please bring this wayspot back into the game and remove the ability report invalid wayspots in the apps or always require in situ pictures, this is the least you should do to prevent a strategic misuse of the reporting functionality. It is a shame that other individuals are using these reporting capabilities more and more to harm other players. Some players seem to be all about pushing other players out of the game, a very questionable tactic.

Please restore this wayspot back into the games.

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