Restore Wayspot Rathaus Herzogenaurach

Title of the Wayspot: [Rathaus Herzogenaurach]

Location: [somewhere near these coordinates, i does not know exactly 49.56965, 10.88191]

City: [Herzogenaurach]

Country: [Germany]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [There is none as i request to restore the old Wayspot]

Photos to support your claim: [see link below]

Additional information: [refering to ticket numbers: 25702201, 25687050 these wasn't helpful as they guided me to the pokemon form which has nothing to do with my restore request, the town hall relocated to it's old location see there

This does also mean that the former location there,10.875882 needs to be renamed. Before letting the community vote which title and description would be better i'll request it to you to prevent redundance.]



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