Please change a wayspot photo, name and location

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I don't know where to report it and how to solve it, so I'm writing here :) The old pitch was demolished and a new one was built. Please change the photo, name and location (current location is on the path). Below I am sending the most important information and photos.

Title of the Wayspot: Dwa boiska, dwa sporty

Proposed new name: Boisko wielofunkcyjne

(this means a multi-sport field)

Location: 52.462203,16.914276

Proposed new location: 52.462129227604606, 16.914067294850337

City: Poznań

Country: Poland

Photos to support your claim:

1st - please change this photo to be a main wayspot photo

2nd and 3rd - a photos of the surroundings showing the new field. By the way, you can see the football field, which is also visible in the current wayspot photo and a building with orange balconies which confirms the location of the new field, because it isn't yet visible on satellite photos.

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