Official sign on a large log made during carving festival


this os one of the wery few (and by that I mean there is one similar and the rest is made on cheep metal plates) carvings on a log with the species of a tree it is in from off (after an embarasment of local schoolstudents on a biology competition and their inability to corectly conect species and photo of a tree) that is supposed to help people to recognize local species of trees (and because Lípa=tilia is an official tree of our vilidge and also of our country this had special treatment that got it this much more expensive sign on a log of another 200 years old tilia tree that had to be cut down). It has been done during carving festival (that is part of an international folclore festival along with showcase of other traditional crafts). It is also popular stop point on a long distance cycling route number 46 and has some pernament benches (and sesionaly more benches and a table) but SOMEHOW this turistic sign has "no significance"?!

so are unique turistic signs pointing on something localy important (like where the place you are got its name from) on a turistic pathway (that shows historicly important trees and/or trees protected by law for their historical/biological/cultural significance) not acceptable anymore? Or should I use photo from the side (showing that this sign is on and actuall log=it is there pernamently and deffinetly not just for short while) ot photo from winter as a suplementary photo?


  • Shritwod-INGShritwod-ING Posts: 80 ✭✭

    It looks eligible to me, but perhaps the problem is that you are being too "wordy". Remember, unless it's a very obvious waypoint you have to persuade reviewers to accept it. So maybe look at rephrasing to make it less long, also perhaps consider taking a different photograph to show the whole sign, that might help.

  • Wensdyyy-PGOWensdyyy-PGO Posts: 78 ✭✭

    I would love to take a photo with the whole log but there is a ugly graffity tag (over the months it got a little less visible but it is still there-this photo is from march/may I think) and I fear it could confuse people and they could think it is the graffiti tag I´m nominating because it is so much more visible than this carving (I had to take this photo after it was raining because when the wood is dry than on the photo it is really badly visible). I will try to make it shorter and more on point (you can see that that is something I struggle with and this response is another clear evidence that I just keep writing and keep writing 😃)

  • NorbertG82-PGONorbertG82-PGO Posts: 81 ✭✭✭

    I see I approved this on May 25! The main issue here is that it's unclear where that object is. I don't see it on the second photo, it's not visible on street view and it's not even visible on Panorama (not that people would bother looking there). People don't care if there is actually any "lípa" next to it, they care about if the object exists. Some will reject it regardless, but it would make it more likely to get approved.

  • Wensdyyy-PGOWensdyyy-PGO Posts: 78 ✭✭

    I will try to make a better photo next time I´m there (it is quite difficult because it has to be after rain so the sign is visible on the photo and there cant be too much of a sunlight because there would be a shadow of me-I even tried to lie down on the ground (got a few wierd looks but I said I´m taking photos for my thesis) once but the resulting photo was even worse because of the angle). I tried to take a photo so the pedestrian acess would seem obvious-because the sidewalk is on the other side of the road I feared they would not relize that the whole opposite side of the road is for pedestrians (so the benches, garden bed are visible under the tree) and is not for cars... Its sad to think that making a little free library here would be much easier than nominating something interesting, unique and culturarly valuable 😪

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