6 rejections in 4 hours. All by Niantic, not the community

Hello there. I received six rejections last night between 1:30-5:00 am, all from Niantic Reviewers, without any specified rejection reasons. All of these wayspot nominations have been in the voting state for about two weeks. What can I do about this? I feel like they were rejected arbitrarily. Can someone help me understand why these nominations were rejected? I believe each one is visually distinctive, publicly accessible, and located in an outdoor space that is easy to see. When I log into Wayfarer, I do not see any rejection reasons listed under the nominations. Additionally, I am unable to appeal. The only thing I can do is nominate it again.

Here they are (Sorry, is in spanish, not english):







1 - Quijote's art wall

2 - Calatrava's Order Cross (it's symbol)

The Order of Calatrava is a military and religious order founded in the Kingdom of Castile in the 12th century, in the year 1158, by Abbot Raimundo de Fitero, with the initial objective of protecting the town of Calatrava, located near the present-day Ciudad Real. It belongs to the group of Cistercian orders and is currently the descendant and continuator of the Military Order of Calatrava. Alongside the orders of Santiago, Alcántara, and Montesa, it is part of the ensemble of quintessential Spanish orders. It defines itself as a Catholic institution that, like its sister orders, in perpetuity serves the Crown of Spain in defense of faith and tradition.

3 and 4 - "Traffic signs"

Signs that mimic traffic signs and are used to convey messages against violence against women, as there is gender-based violence in Spain and it needs to be made visible. I believe they are visually unique. There is already one that is a Wayspot and it takes the form of a hand, also serving as a "traffic" sign.

5 - Old "Hospedería"

Inaugurated by the president of the Association for the Development of Campo de Calatrava and the former mayor of Calzada de Calatrava. This rural house, in addition to being a historic and prominent building in the town, represents a determined and courageous commitment to high-quality tourism, aspiring to attain the highest recognition of three wheat sheaves for rural accommodations. This place allows tourists to enjoy Holy Week and the Pedro Almodóvar Cinematic Route in the best possible way.

6 - Bus Station

Every bus station I've seen in real life is a Wayspot in PoGo, every one of them. My nomination is the same, but with the difference that in my town we don't have a "building". We have this space with this "bus stop pole", installed by the government for such purpose.


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