Park gates duped almost 20 times with various other park gates!

Title of the Wayspot: Harrow Lodge Park Gate, Warren Drive Entrance

Location: 51.5532975, 0.19562

City: Elm Park, Hornchurch

Country: UK

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: As you can see from the support photos (streetview and portal photos), there are 4 incorrect photos on this portal.

The streetview shows a single gate and a house with a red bricked exterior to the right.

The incorrect photos show two gates, a bungalow to the right and a telephone mast on the inside of the gate.

Please can the 4 incorrectly duplicated photos be removed from this wayspot. These photos appear on numerous other gates in this park if these could also be removed.

Thank you.



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