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Title of the Wayspot: Witmer Park Playground

Location (old): 41.608031, -93.666260

City: Des Moines

Country: United States of America

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: ‘Witmer Park Playground’ is currently not in the correct place. The photo was taken & placed from the red circle in photo #1 (see photo #3 as it shows proof, with the sidewalk circled in red). The playground itself is shown around 20-25m away from the current wayspot as shown in pic #3. Please consider correcting this by placing the marker on the actual playground instead of the sidewalk so that it can be reached by parents from all sides of the playgrounds benches, this nuisance for several months now to the PoGo community from around the area; I can’t tag #Niantic…

Suggested (new) location: 41.608131, -93.666125

  • - Thank you for your time & consideration.
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    Thanks for the appeal, @ShinyApex-PGO. Based on our research, the Wayspot is at the correct location and does not require any adjustments at this time.

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    @NianticLC Does this “research” show a plot of dirt as a wayspot? Because that’s where it’s at, and unless a bot did this research - any eyes that take 5 seconds to look at this image will see the waypoint is supposed to be a playground, not a plot of dirt with cement on the side… The integrity on Wayfarer is so low yet you guys expect so high out of us just to get a ‘Upgrade’ that gets wasted away cause of one person not doing their job like this… 🤦‍♂️

    Ill resubmit this obvious misplaced Wayspot in hopes that someone who cares to do this job correctly actually reviews this. Multi-million dollar company and thi is the logic I get to work with…

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    Resubmitting it will only get it marked as a duplicate. It will not update the placement.

    The current location is on the boundary of the play area, which is fine as it is. It appears like the only reason you're trying to move it is to manipulate what appears in Pokémon Go, which would be abuse.

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    @HankWolfman-PGO The boundary is still over 25m from the actual location. The reason I am trying to move it is because other than that playground, I’ve been working months on making this newly reconstructed park into an enjoyable place to play PoGo. Above the playground you’ll see a square which is the parks West Picnic Shelter, I had already gotten the East added to the game but before I was able to correct the playground (have had many things corrected prior), my settings auto-selected a ‘Upgrade’ which was the West Shelter which was not 20m away and thus, I knew would fail to get added. This is me trying to correct that. The only abuse I’m picking up on is how hard I’ve worked to correct all this for myself and my community only to have my hard earned upgrades wasted, or ‘abused’ towards a forced selection that had no chance after getting approved. The East & West shelters go together from their in-game description to their labels in real life so it really throws it off. The only thing that makes this look bad is that I did not submit the moving of the playground sooner. Otherwise, just like the other side of the park, they’d have accepted it based on visual facts and correctly move them; at which point I would upgrade the new PokeStop into the game. These movements are off and even the park being on the border could be argued on both sides. I’m trying to move it for the greater good of other submissions that can coincide well, however - in reverse, Niantic would not be okay with me wanting to move the location off of the playground and to the boarder as it would be removing it from the location, yet since it started not being there and instead, on the borderline - it’s then okay? The flaws in this aligned with the natural assumption that it’s for “abusing” makes all our hard work to earn ‘submission upgrades’ the closest things to abuse of players time, moral/incentive & lack of integrity as a whole. Now this PokeStop is not added to any game because of the 20m rule, which when looking at the picture - would be easy to agree that being a valid reason for correctly moving it to the actual playground itself. Yes I gain something, my hard work not going to waste, but the community also gets something and Niantic gets our free labor while giving the illusion that it’s a privilege on our behalf, not borderline slave labor with how they pick and choose and throw around our very few upgrades to be wasted. I understand with such a massive system that much of this is needed, but someone’s upgrade should be applied to the GAME IT WAS SUBMITTED from instead of approved and then never put in any game, or put into a game the submitter would’ve never wasted their time doing for. At the very least, we should be able to re-roll our submission upgrades when this occurs to promote healthy incentive and an actually fair system that people can make sense of.

    You can be biased to gain browny points with Niantic if you want Hank, but the morality of you knows that the integrity of a fair system is being abused at our expense while they get 100% FREE gain off of our work. So no, I’m not abusing anything, just spending a dozen extra hours trying to correct things for all parties involved. And if that’s abuse, report and stop me from submitting.

  • Thanks for the appeal, @ShinyApex-PGO. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to make no adjustments to this Wayspot.

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