And now I am reviewing incorrectly

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Woke up to this email: Re: [27154281] Message from Niantic

Philo PNovember 14, 2023, 05:51 +0000Hello Explorer,

We have confirmed that you have been incorrectly reviewing and selecting incorrect rejection reasons without properly reviewing the nominations/edits as per Wayspot criteria and guidelines.

We recommend you review the Wayspot Criteria and review guidelines ( before reviewing any more contributions. Note that any further violations can lead to the suspension of your Wayfarer and Pokémon GO accounts.

Best regards,November 14, 2023, 05:47 +0000Message from Niantic

Concerning your Wayspot Reviews

You drop this new system on us, will not tell us how to use it no matter how much I beg for help in and then you send me a notice that I am reviewing incorrectly without telling me what I did wrong? I have done over 70K reviews and have a "Great" rating, but this is the last straw.



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    my reply

    Please tell me what I reviewed incorrectly. I have a great rating and take pride in my accuracy.

    did get an immediate but unhelpful response

    Philo PNovember 14, 2023, 12:26 +0000Hello again,

    We have thoroughly reviewed your reviews and found that you have been incorrectly reviewing and selecting incorrect rejection reasons without properly reviewing the nominations as per Wayspot criteria and guidelines. Please review the aforementioned Wayspot details and context shared in our previous message. As a result, we have notified you about it after our investigation. Please review the Wayspot Criteria before reviewing any further nominations.


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    So you're in a country that had a lot of "coal" but Wayfarer disagree with your views because need more accepted POIs in your zone or your community had an excessive zealot rejecting nominations making exploits of the old system and the new one it's designed to stop those type of practices that hurt communities to grow up fairly.

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    yes, and i still write explanations if i get a text box. i made a post asking if i should check the comments box in order for them to see it, or if that was labelling it as a different unlisted reason, but of course they didn't answer me. so idk if they are seeing my comments or not. and i can't make them for a lot of the boxes.

    i am fairly certain that i got this because i used "Abuse" as a rejection reason. but i used it accurately and per guidelines. i think what happens is the person complains when they get this rejection and then help chat sends an email to everyone who used it. even if we are right. i strongly recommend not using the "abuse" rejection on the review form in the "Accurate and High Quality" section. i don't use that lightly, so i remember using it.

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    If Niantic wants to publicly address what I reviewed incorrectly that solicited this email on this forum post, I welcome that. It would be educational for everyone. I don't know who to tag about that, but consider my privacy a non-consideration.

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    The nomination I marked as abuse was a fifth (or sixth? I lost count) instance of receiving the exact same photos submitting to nominate the exact same Wayspot. Help Chat did remove the duplicate photos that had been added this way. (I had rejected the original nomination for low quality photo, and easily recognized that it was the same photo:,-79.475627)

    Looking for that guideline to quote here, it was difficult to find "spamming nominations" in the help menu as abuse. I found the statement that "Attempts to intentionally add unrelated photos to the location" is abuse, and I would argue that duplicates of the same photo should fall under that:

    And to further back up my calling this abuse, there is also this statement about what counts as abuse:

    Other type of abuse

    Any other type of abuse that you feel is not in keeping with the spirit of Wayfarer's mission to create the most interesting, family-friendly, and accurate representation of the real-world.

    And then I finally found the statements I was looking for about spamming nominations being abuse here:

    Nominations submitted by accounts with a history of spamming inappropriate nominations

    If we believe you are spamming nominations inappropriately, you will receive a warning and may lose nomination privileges for repeat offenses.

    Nominations that are duplicates of existing Wayspots

    Check to make sure that the Wayspot you're nominating or reviewing doesn't already exist. If it does, the Wayspot will be marked as a duplicate during the review process, and the image you submitted will be added to the live Wayspot.

    And I am saying all this without even knowing if this is the nomination in question.

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    Maybe in the future just mark it as a duplicate and move on? I’ve seen other instances where a reviewer marked something as abuse then got a warning for marking that.

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    Agreed. Choosing duplicate or some other rejection criteria seems to be safer.

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    Without moderation because of a quote 🙄

    If that came up for me

    Title - Fits

    Description - Fits

    Support - Doesn't really show me why I should be seeing it as a great place to socialise etc . What's there is fine, adequate for a multitude of similar places that offer exactly the same. I would have received a warning too.

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