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Cannot sign into Wayfarer via Facebook. Refreshing unsuccessful.


I have been trying to log into my Wayfarer account for over a week now to check on my submissions and contribute to Waystop reviews. However, I constantly get the message:

"Something unexpected has happened. Please refresh this page."

Obviously, refreshing never solves the problem. This has left me unable to log into Wayfarer and participate in reviewing and following up on my submissions.

I ran into suggestions from a Niantic employee advising someone else with the same issue to refresh the game data directly on PoGo and then clear the cache and cookies on the device being used to log in, which I did, with absolutely no success.

I have not found any additional support or information on this issue so any input would be highly appreciated!

To add some additional details - I always use my MacBook Pro M2 to review, and I play PoGo on an iPhone 15 Pro max. I have never experienced this issue before.

Thank you in advance!

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Resolved - Idea · Last Updated


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