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Title of the Wayspot: Bir Hakeim


City: Nouméa

Country: New Caledonia

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Additional information:

There is no description on this wayspot at the present time.

This wayspot represents the Unknown Soldier statue (known as "Monument aux morts" in France) initially erected for soldiers who died during WWI, and later WWII or more recent theaters of operations. Note that there is still a separate ongoing edit request to change the name of the wayspot from "Bir Hakeim" (the name of the square) to the more correct "Monument aux morts de la place Bir Hakeim" (the name of the monument).

The proposed edit description, inspired by the usual sentence written on plaque on this kind of monument, was (in French) :

Aux soldats disparus pour la France et la Nouvelle-Calédonie lors des deux Guerres Mondiales ou lors d’opérations plus récentes, la Nation à jamais reconnaissante.

English translation:

To soldiers lost for France and New Caledonia during both World Wars or more recent operations, the Nation is forever grateful.



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