And now I am reviewing incorrectly



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    It probably took more than one review (I would hope so!). We asked for an example of our bad reviewing (I also got this email) and were given one.

    I'll emphasize that both this example and mine do not appear to have been approved. Both are in areas where approvals come quickly. This would indicate the broader community agrees that these are not eligible wayspots.

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    I believe that review date means it was under the new flow. Generic business would have been the rejection reason. Once that's selected the review is over.

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    Niantic believed my unresolved reviews would have earned me enough upgrades to give me 11 of them. And yet they don't think I can correctly review a nomination of a logo for a chain restaurant submission.

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    After reading through all these posts I concluded that Niantic has - as they did before - completely lost contact with reality. Instead of crushing down on those, who are spamming the map with nonsense nominations they started to go after those who try keep a little bit of order within the chaos. This is utterly mad, just my 5 cents.

     I, personally, try to review nominations every once in a while. But after two or three I simply stop it. Actually, it's a waste of time. I don't see the benefit to do it, neither for me nor for Ingress.

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    That is when the nomination is of a business. But in this example, the nomination is a sign and not a business, so using that to reject is not a valid use of the field and a reason for Niantic to warn reviewers. If the OP did use "generic business" to reject the sign, then I must say that the warning they got is correct.

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    You are mixing up the discussions. I was told I reviewed a logo for a chain restaurant incorrectly, and that I had rejected it (under "Other Rejection Criteria") when I should have accepted it. @JojenReed64-PGO also reviewed this nomination and also rejected it, but he was told his nastygram was about a Planet Fitness reviewed after the update. My review was done BEFORE the update if that matters, but I think that under the new system I would have marked it "Generic Business"

    And even if we did review incorrectly - which I do not believe we did - these emails to "start reviewing correctly or lose your accounts" explain nothing and go against the guidance to use our best judgement. If I did something egregious like reject multiple nominations with no cars in sight for "License Plate" then that might warrant an email - as long as it gave me instruction as to what I did wrong.

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    It seems inappropriate for them to be threatening active community members and valued Wayfarers.

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    I think I’d bet that you’ll never see any of that.

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    thank you @AisforAndis-ING . if i actually get any kind of email then i will let y'all know and resume reviewing. but at this point i will believe it when i see it.

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    Huge thanks to @AisforAndis-ING and the rest of the ambassador staff going to bat for the community. I very much appreciate you all for bringing this situation immediately to the attention of Niantic and for stressing to them the serious impact it was having not only on those like me who were directly affected but on the reviewing community at large. The one thing we know for sure that Niantic got right was that they picked some fantastic ambassadors! I wish I could give you all a hug!

    I am glad to see all the above clarification but have yet to receive any email on the subject. I will post when I do.

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    None of what Niantic said is comforting nor does it clarify or help to quell the uncertainty and discomfort I'm feeling. And I can only assume I'm not alone here.

    The abuse ladder policy ( says nothing about 'advisory/educational emails'.

    How are we to know when these emails are 'advisory/educational and not an email that generates 'strikes' that might lead to a punishment?

    And if there is a system of 'points' or 'strikes'...Maybe it would be helpful to post the system publicly?

    The statement said the effected users would receive a follow up email. Is this referring to just the three names mentioned or does it include any other users who received an incorrect email?

    Are we just greasing the squeaky wheels or is this comprehensive?

    Finally as regards Niantic commitment to improving these "advisory emails": Until such a time that you can confidently say that anyone logging on to review understands with at least a modest degree of certainty what is and isn't 'correct reviewing' maybe it's best not to send any at all.

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    I disagreed with the above, for a variety of reasons.

    One of the key advantages of having Wayfarer Ambassadors is to do exactly as listed above: the Ambassadors are advocates for the Wayfarer community, and liaisons for communications with Niantic. Their word is good enough for me, and I know that if Niantic doesn't follow through on their promises then the Ambassadors will follow up in their way. Although I would like to see more of the human side of the Niantic Wayfarer team on these fora, I am happy enough with the proxies! Communication filtered through the Ambassador team is still communication of a sort.

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    I work in process improvement, so I promise you that I'm trying to keep the focus on fixing the whole system, while using real examples to illustrate the impact of the problems.

    Annnnnnnd now you've got me itching to do a fishbone diagram on this whole mess.

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    It's good that things are being worked out, but it shouldn't take the ambassadors getting involved before Niantic acts to correct the situation. This went on for a whole week and Niantic has yet to comment directly on it to the community. It is also not a good look on Niantic's part not to communicate this directly to the community. The ambassadors should not be Niantic's only point of contact or communication with the Wayfarer community, but it seems that Niantic is putting them in that unenviable position.

    I mean, look at the last AMA. It really wasn't an AMA at all, but an excuse to publish their roadmap without addressing any questions from the community. That is why I don't have much faith in the current AMA and why I posted my questions publicly and to the form.

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    Anyone who needs to step away from Wayfarer to take a break is encouraged to do so. Yes, the process works better when more people are engaged. However, no one should be involved with a system or a company that they think is causing them harm, lying to, or laughing at them. Before I became an Ambassador, my favorite phrase was "we need to stop caring more than Niantic does." I still fundamentally believe that. If you believe you have proof that Niantic doesn't care about the Wayfarer program or the people involved with it, please take a break. Those who think there is something to salvage will keep working towards that.

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    something to salvage

    So you're implying that the system is really broken.

    Of course now you will try to explain that this isn't what you meant, but your inner self knows the truth and you said it.

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    I work in process improvement, so I promise you that I'm trying to keep the focus on fixing the whole system, while using real examples to illustrate the impact of the problems.

    Annnnnnnd now you've got me itching to do a fishbone diagram on this whole mess.

    I learned something new -fishbone diagram- and I like it. It would be interesting to see what you come up with...or open ot up to a forum brainstorming session.

    What do you think the effect is?

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding but I'm seeing two effects.

    The first effect is user dissatisfaction and confusion.

    The other effect is the abuse ladder and educational emails not working as intended.

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    update: no email as of yet. but i find it interesting that two people posted examples of ai rejecting similar photos of business logos to the one i was told i reviewed incorrectly. at least similar to my eyes. i won't share their screenshots but they may add them on here if they wish. but interesting niantic tells me i rejected incorrectly, but trains their ai to review as i did.

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    @cyndiepooh-ING as the weekend has begun I would assume that an email will not be sent over the weekend, We felt that the key points that Andis has covered should be conveyed without delay, hence the post. We hope it won’t take too long but the wayfarer team already had a packed schedule to get through on Friday. I fully understand and it is right and proper to expect the email to have the message direct from the Wayfarer Team and that is what you need before considering recommencing reviewing. But in practical terms I think you should shift you expectations of when it will arrive and that will be less stressful.

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    I'll be here representing those who previously got an educational email but did not get promised an apology clarification letter! I'll let you know if I ever receive one. :)

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