Tombs and mausoleums

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Hi everyone!

Yesterday I was thinking about a cemetery that is located in my town and all the wayspots that are approved inside. This cemetery is the biggest cemetery in the country and in all Western Europe and is 120 hectares long. Inside the cemetery there are some tombs and mausoleums of some of the most important or significant people in the country (most of them are not wayspot at the moment). Also, nowadays, most of the waysposts are just regular crosses or Jesus Schrist sculptures in generic tombs (people that were not famous), that were approved in Ingress era.

I was thinking about going there and submit some stuff because it can be a great place to explore (there are some tourist visits all over the cemetery). Then, I started to ask myself because I know is very difficult to get something approved in cemeteries (or at least it is in my country), so I wanted to start this post to know more opinions.

1) What opinion do you have about submitting famous and significant peoples tombs (maybe is not just for this person, maybe his/her whole family are resting there with him/her), that are just tombs, that doesn't have any sculpture on it?

2) I remember that are not allowed to submit tombs of generic people but, is also not allowed to submit excellent sculptures or statues in generic's peoples tombs? Like, maybe the sculpture is pretty known in the cemetery or maybe it have some story around it but the person that is resting there is not a famous or significant person. It would be okay or it could be valid to submit that sculptures?

These two questions are the same for mausoleums, so I'm asking about the tombs and mausoleums criteria.

I would like a positive and healthy discussion, always with respect, every opinion is okay but I would like to know how people could review this two cases.

Thank you everyone who participates!


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