More than 10m Move Request

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Title of the Wayspot: Briggs Library Story Walk 11

Location: 43.055365,-84.579803

City: St. John's, Michigan

Country: USA

Additional information: This wayspot was moved from voting back into queue on October 31, and through a bug in the Wayfarer system, had its location moved to the exact same spot as Briggs Library Story Walk 12. The support photos will show these two wayspots at the exact same coordinates, down to the millionth place. Obviously, this is borderline impossible through any human means and was caused by a bug in the system.

Since obviously 11 and 12 wouldn’t be that close, let alone in the exact same spot, Briggs Library Storybook Walk 11 should be moved to its submitted coordinates of 43.055487734001034, -84.58023195207178, right between Storybook Walk 10 and Storybook Walk 12.

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