Let's go Swimming!

I saw a post on reddit and I thought it would be good/appropriate to discuss here also. It was the user u/rilesmcriles (wanted to credit them and I'm going to paraphrase and add my own thoughts)

So, we think we know what the guidance is on swimming pools, right? Or do we? We think Niantic has indicated to say no to community pools. Right? or Wrong?

Ok, so, the new UI flow has come out and I'm looking at some of these swimming pool nominations.

Now, if I answer all questions honestly, it will (**maybe**) go through.

Let's dig in to the flow real quick and take it one by one. Be honest in looking at the questions for a hot second.

Appropriate - Not on PRP, Not an adult location, Not on a school, Not a sensitive location, doesn't obstruct emergence operations and not a generic business - Thumbs Up

Safe - Thumbs Up

Accurate and High Quality - Photo, Title and Description as good and no abuse. Thumbs Up

Permanent and Distinct - I don't think @Glawhantojar-PGO and I can pick one up and move it. - Thumbs Up

Socialize - No brainer here, it's what I do all summer in the SE part of the USA. AND may I add... Large group (~10 - ~100)

Exercise - Get those laps in! - Thumbs Up

Explore - Could be a thumbs down here, possibly. Unless you're playing a long game of Marco Polo?

It doesn’t meet any rejection criteria and it does meet acceptance criteria. As long as the submitter doesn’t fumble the title or the pic I don’t see a reason or a category to vote negatively on.

Be honest here and tell me where the automatic denial is.


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