Invalid Photo Appeal - Rebranded Chruch

Title of the Wayspot: Canley Heights Baptist Church

Location: -33.883439, 150.923557

City: Canley Heights

Country: NSW, Australia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional information:

Below are two screenshots from streetview of the wayspot's location, the first is from April 2017 and the second is from August 2017.

You can see that the name of the church was changed somewhere between these two dates from the sign on the church in the middle of both screenshots. It used to be called the Canley Heights Baptist Church and it is now the Canley Heights Global Family Church.

My photo submission shows the church with a sign bearing its present name, this would need to be added to the wayspot and upvoted before attempting to change the title/description.



  • HaramDingo-INGHaramDingo-ING Posts: 1,725 ✭✭✭✭✭

    This is clearly a Niantic rejection email. Reviewers will normally see that it's the same building, has changed the branding signage and just accept it anyway for updating. We continue to be misled by the emails saying that the "community" has decided not to accept it when it's them. Besides, photo approvals have moved absolutely at no speed whatsoever unless they were in Regional NSW.

  • NianticLCNianticLC Posts: 4,249 admin

    Thanks for the appeal, @Hikaru588-ING. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made the necessary changes to the Wayspot in question.

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