Location edits of 3 Wayspots at shopping mall (Shanghai, China)

Wayspot 1: 宝大祥青少年购物中心 (Baodaxiang Shopping for Kids)

Location 1: 31.237208,121.472299

Wayspot 2: 足球熊猫 ("soccer panda")

Location 2: 31.237128,121.47274

Wayspot 3: 棒球恐龙 ("baseball dinosaur")

Location 3: 31.236809,121.473166

City: Shanghai

Country: China

Photos to support your claim:

Wayspot 1 photo on file, Wayspots 2 & 3 visible:

Baidu Map street view (link: 宝大祥青少年儿童购物中心(南东店) - 百度地图 (baidu.com)):

Satellite image and proposed locations:

Additional information:

These Wayspots are at the facade of a shopping mall. Wayspot 1 is in the middle, Wayspot 2 to its left, and Wayspot 3 to Wayspot 2's left.



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