Ingress account suspended and no one has been able to explain why

Hi, I'm here because I just got to level 37 on PoGO, went to submit a local historic site to find out that my old Ingress account has been suspended or banned or something. I haven't played it since 2017 before Ingress Prime and wasn't ever given a reason for the sanction other than "read the ToS and guess". My best guess is due to inactivity from not having played for the period they mentioned (90 or 120 days). Email support still hasn't given me any answer other than "read this faq".

I never used spoofing or cheated. Funny enough, I have ZERO interest in going back and restarting a level 10 agent in Ingress, but I DO want to have access to my level 37 PoGO that is unfortunately linked to the same email I started Ingress on. (NEVER LINK ACCOUNTS. YOU WILL BE HERE TOO.)

I know **** off as combative or aggressive, but I've been through all sorts of hoops with Niantic, and spend several hundred dollars on their games just to find out that I'm locked out of advanced features for reasons unknown because I made the mistake of using the same email on Ingress and PoGO.

If anyone knows of a way to contact an actual human that can give me real tangible answers and can let me present an actual appeal, please let me know. Thank you.



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