Does anyone at Niantic actually review the abuse reports?

As the title suggests, I’d really like to know if anyone at Niantic actually reviews the nominations that are reported as abuse.

I recently reported a very obvious fake nomination using the “Report” button but the nomination still made it through the review process and is now an active wayspot.

The fake wayspot is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (43.220843, -79.714735).

The actual Bob McIntosh Memorial Trail is located over 4000km away in Squamish, British Columbia.

The person who submitted this fake wayspot even stole the wayspot photo directly from the Squamish Trails Society website (

Here was their submission photo…

And here’s the original from the Squamish Trails Society website…

Even just the most basic Google search by reviewers would have immediately shown this nomination to be fake. The very first search result shows the stolen photo and says the trail is in Squamish, B. C.

I imagine this picture was probably chosen because the name of the trail “Bob McIntosh” is similar to the nearby “MacIntosh Drive” at the fake wayspot location. However, it was this spelling discrepancy that initially caught my eye and made me question the legitimacy of the nomination.

The location (in the corner of a small suburban park) also didn’t make sense for a sign that would typically appear at the start of a trail. The submitter likely just wanted a pokéstop at their house…

@NianticAaron please remove this fake wayspot and take appropriate action against the person who submitted it. I would also even suggest taking a look at the accounts that approved the nomination. This seemed like such an obvious fake to me that I question whether a voting ring pushed it through the approval process.

I would also like to know if anyone at Niantic actually reviews the nominations that are flagged as abuse/fake because my initial report was seemingly ignored.



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